UV PROTECTION A MUST:  Not all sun lenses are the same.  Especially for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts!  For ALL sunglasses, excellent UV protection is the first requirement. All sunglasses at Sport & Sun have lenses made by the manufacturers or by Zeiss, the leader in innovation and sports lens technology and all block harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometers. The doctors at 20/20 Vision Associates also encourage high energy wavelength (HEV) protection in lifestyle eyewear for the outdoors which can be added to your lenses (coating).

PRESCRIPTION SUNGLASSES: With Zeiss sport lens technology as well as prescription authentic lens programs from Oakley, Rudy Project,  Adidas, Smith and others, excellent wrap lenses are available with prescription.  Ask for Zeiss Cosmetic Edge technology to reduce the edge thickness by 30% on our house lenses.

This is how you benefit from the exceptional lens technologies that they provide for people with no prescription.  Please come in to see us, bring your Rx, or come in for an exam so we can determine what prescription you require so we can discuss your particular needs and what is available for you in your prescription.  When you see our doctors, they may be able to modify your prescription slightly to make it work in a prescription lens program that you desire.  It is helpful for you to preview frames before your exam for this reason.

POLARIZATION:   Polarized lenses are specially designed to filter out certain types of glare that tend to radiate upward from horizontal surfaces when sunlight bounces off of these surfaces. The benefit of polarization is bright and clear vision with glare reduction and reduced eye fatigue.  They are recommended for tasks such as boating, fishing, driving. Most polarized lenses will bear a label identifying them as such.  Maui Jim is one of the most popular polarized lens technology, the  Polarized Plus2, that sport  and beach enthusiasts love for its "hyper-precise polarization". Most all manufacturers have options for polarization or without.  The current thinking among manufacturers such as Oakley, Rudy Project, Nike and others is that polarization is not beneficial with active moving sports where ground contour is critical; therefore, we do not recommend polarization for golf, mountain biking, skiing and other sports.  Water-based sports, fishing and boating still provide the best acuity and clarity by eliminating horizontal glare.

IMPACT RESISTANCE:  For athletes, impact resistance and coverage is critical.  You only have 2 eyes, and you need to protect them!   This is another reason to not choose any cheap sunglass for your outdoor activities.    According to a 2015 report by Prevent Blindness of America over 31,000 sports-related eye injuries requiring costly emergency room care occur annually. 

Polycarbonate is the primary lens material that provides impact resistance.   Several of our manufacturers have ballistic grade lenses, such as Oakley, Smith, Under Armour.  Oakley has their Plutonite lens technology that provides superior optical clarity while the most impressive impact resistance.  Rudy Project has Impactx and Impactx-2 lenses, a proprietary impact-resistant lens that is guaranteed unbreakable for life, and is available in a photochromic that goes from clear to LASER RED! Oakley has a ballistic lens that could be used as an everyday lens that goes from clear to black iridium!  Sport & Sun carries all these options and more.

SCRATCH, FINGERPRINT, WATER RESISTANCE:   These aspects of  durability are important in sunglasses when you are out in the elements that could scratch and ruin your lenses and affect clarity.  Under Armour has Storm technology that is resistant to oils, bug spray and salt water. Oakley, Adidas and Rudy Project's lens technology has these durable aspects incorporated into all their sunglasses, as well as Maui Jim and Dragon.

A VARIETY OF LENS TINTS AND MIRRORS AVAILABLE, DEFINED FOR YOUR SPORT AND ACTIVITY:  Each manufacturer that Sport & Sun carries brings their own incredible lens technology that helps define their brand.    Generic gray and brown lenses are a thing of the past.  Customized solutions for your activities and sports will enhance your ability to play and your enjoyment of the sport and outdoors!  See the following links for more information, and come in and try these lens tints with simulation at our shop.

  • Smith Chromapop technology.  These lenses provide awesome color definition and are tuned for various environments, such as road, trail, field, fresh, shore, ocean.  
  • Adidas has their LST (Light Stabilizing Technology) that enhances primary colors which balances the light and improves contrast and clarity.   They also have their awesome VARIO lens, a photochromic that goes from 14% to 89% light transmission with a purple mirror!
  • Dragon has their Performance Polar lens technology with a multi-layered mirror coating for vibrant color options and added glare reduction.
  • Under Armour has recovery, storm and polarized, tuned for various sports

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