In whatever sport we play, we are always searching for performance. Whether that is with our equipment or with our own bodies, as athletes, we demand performance in order to compete at the highest level possible. At Sport and Sun @ 20/20 Vision we understand that need for performance especially from our eye wear.

We offer a unique blend of affordable, performance driven technology fit for whatever sport and level you are involved in. Frame technology has changed dramatically in the past few years and our glasses and sunglasses are not just meant for fashion alone. Powerhouse brands like Oakley, Nike, Rudy, Adidas, and Smith offer a huge line up of frames with the athlete in mind. Durability, adjustability, and customizability are what sets these brands apart from their competitors and all can be found in ONE location at Sport and Sun!

Frames are only half the story. Lens technology has also come leaps and bounds in the past several years. Gone are the days where simple grays and browns were the only options you had with sunglasses. Now, brands like Oakley have invested in considerable research and development to come up with Prizm Lens technology that offers athletes better vision and detail through enhanced color and contrast sensitivity. Smith, a leader in enduro and downhill racing, has their patented ChromoPop technology that enhances clarity and natural colors to help you see more detail and improve performance. And the list goes on.

Bottom line is, whatever your sport, Sport and Sun @ 20/20 has you covered. Come down and check us out!

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