Detection & Correction

Sports Vision Evaluation

The first step in maximizing how our eyes work on the field is a thorough investigation of the visual system and ocular health. Most times, a profound difference can be made in performance with very simple changes or corrections of the visual system. 

Fundamental Visual Skills

First, we must assess an athlete's Fundamental Visual Skills. These basic skills include static and dynamic visual acuities, contrast sensitivity, oculomotor abilities, focusing and eye teaming skills, depth perception and peripheral vision and are the backbone for higher level visual skills important for sports. Any deficits in these skills must be addressed and corrected first before moving on to Advanced Visual Skills. 

Advanced Visual Skills

These may include visual concentration, eye-hand / eye-foot coordination, visuomotor reaction time, anticipation, and multiple object tracking.  Advanced Visual Skills along with cognitive abilities such as spatial awareness, concentration and working memory can be trained to help athletes perform at their peak in whatever sport they play.

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