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Sport & Sun offers a great selection of frames and lenses designed for your sport.   Come see our great selection of Oakley, Rudy Project, Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, Wiley X, Smith, Dragon and Maui Jim.  

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GOLF:  These lenses are designed to enable the golfer to see the contour of the course, improve the contrast of the ball against the blue sky and against the various greens of the course.  Most brands in our shop have a golf lens to try! 

Click on the photo to go to Nike's lens simulator so you can see the difference of a golf lens vs a regular sunglass.

golf course

FIELD /STADIUM LIGHTS / BASEBALL:  Field lenses enhance the ability to see a white ball against the green of the grass, the blue sky and brown dirt.  Additionally, Sport & Sun uses Zeiss technologies to provide an anti-glare lens that works great under stadium lights. Nearly all  brands we carry have a lens designed for field use.  Many of the frames in this category are designed with vents to eliminate fogging. Under Armour has a rubber top that will stay on your cap backwards exactly like the MLB players wear.


ROAD:  Great for motorcyclists, cyclists and runners.  We carry a variety of frame and lens technology designed for this use. Important features of the lens technology is impact resistance, wind protection and enhanced contrast in the reds that enable you to see the changes in elevation  and contours of the road.  Additionally, Sport & Sun carries frames that have removable foam inserts and fit under a helmet.  To learn more, click on the brand name.  Specific brands in this category are:  Rudy Project, Oakley, Adidas, Nike, Under Armour (no link). 

WATER:  Nearly all lenses designed for the water are polarized. This reduces horizontal reflection which takes that sun reflection off the water so that you can see through the water.  Many of the offerings in this category have flash mirrors to reduce more reflection.  Dragon has the h20 floatable collection  with great colors and various flash mirrors.  We carry a large selection.  There are lenses made to suppress the overwhelming blues and greens to allow you to see everything else in your environment. Oakley has the PRIZM DEEP WATER and SHALLOW WATER lens optimized for these conditions.  Maui Jim has a multilayer patented polarized lens which is optimized for the water environment.  Under Armour has a STORM lens that water beads right off.  Oakley's lenses have a similar capability.  Click on the picture below to learn about Maui Jim's amazing polarization!


RUNNING:  Nike and Adidas dominate this category of sunglasses.  Great vented designs, designed with adjustable rubberized nosepieces and temples to eliminate movement and bouncing; sweat channels, specialized materials that reduce heat to cool the eyes.  Interchangeable lenses.  We are proud to have a great selection of these sunglasses that you cannot find in one place anywhere!

TRAIL:  Features of these lenses designed for mountain bikers and trail runners:  photochromics  with specific color change to reduce the intensity of bright sunlight and able to enhance vision in shadows; lens tints specifically designed to enhance the reds and browns so that contour and depth can be properly judged, wind resistance, anti fogging, scratch resistance and impact resistance.  Brands that have designed frames and lenses specifically for this use:  Rudy Project, Oakley, Smith, Adidas.

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