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How well does your athlete see?  Milliseconds matter in reaction time.  Reaction time is directly linked to vision.  Often vision is overlooked as a key variable in  performance.  As athletes continue to move up in competition, it is critical to have the vision of your athlete evaluated.  At Sport & Sun @ 20/20 Vision Associates, we evaluate things such as visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, and choice reaction time.   Using the Right Eye eye tracker, we can see the quality and accuracy of your athlete's  eye movements.  

Contact lenses are the preferred method of correction of vision for sports due to enhanced peripheral vision.  The quality of the contact lenses will improve the vision and comfort and reduce dryness.  Expert fitting of contact lenses is key in delivering extra sharp vision for athletes. Small amounts of astigmatism may either be fully corrected or masked with the right contact lens.  This improvement in vision can be a significant factor in improving performance on the field or court.

Daily disposable contact lenses are better for athletes as the lens will tend to have less issues due to wear and tear since it is new everyday.  Manufacturers have put the majority of the latest technology into daily disposables.

For athletes with more severe vision deficiencies, there are greater options now than ever.  Come see us at Sport & Sun @ 20/20 Vision Associates Optometry for the best vision possible for sport performance.

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