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Considerations when looking for sunglasses for tennis

Tennis is a very popular sport here in the Inland Empire and can be pretty demanding on the eyes. Played mostly outdoors and during the day, there are several things to consider when choosing a pair of sunglasses for tennis both from a style and protection standpoint.

Frames: Your frames should be lightweight and comfortable. A reasonably wrapped pair of sunglasses will give you a good fit along the temples, behind your ears and on the bridge of your nose as well as full range of peripheral vision. Some designs made by Nike or Adidas offer adjustable nose-pads that give you more flexibility for a better fit. You want a snug fit so the sunglasses do not bounce around while you are playing.

Lenses: For safety concerns, polycarbonate or trivex are the best material to use due to their impact resistance. A specific dark amber / rose / orange tints work well for enhancing contrast of the yellow ball against the background.  Lenses that have full UV coverage are a must to protect the eyes from the sun. Polarized lenses are also an option to further reduce glare off reflective surfaces while on the court.

If you need a prescription in your sunglasses for maximum vision and performance, you should consult your eye care professional for prescription sunglasses options.

Check out our full lineup of prescription and non-prescription tennis sunglasses options at Sport & Sun!

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