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Transition Contact Lenses are Here!

The ability to see comfortably in varying light levels is paramount in sports. Field sports such as baseball, football and soccer, cycling on dirt or on the road, playing a round of golf, fishing in the ocean, all require us to adjust to various lighting levels and intensities. Simply being sensitivity to bright light can also affect your performance on the field. Having superior, comfortable vision as the light changes can be the difference between success and failure in sport.  

Vistakon (Johnson & Johnson Vision) in partnership with Transitions Optical Limited has come out with their latest innovation, Acuvue Oasys with Transitions. These contact lenses seamlessly adapt to changes in light levels and darken to help reduce squinting when subjected to bright light, help eyes recover quicker in bright light, and reduce halos and starbursts at nighttime. 

These lenses are noticeable, but not so much so that they completely alter the eye's appearance. These lenses can also be worn with or without sunglasses. We always recommend continuing to wear sunglasses with this new technology to provide added UV protection to the eye and surrounding areas of the face. Acuvue Oasys with Transition is NOT a substitute for sunglasses. 

Anyone who is playing sports outdoors should be wearing this lens. We have been fortunate enough to try these out at 20/20 Sport and Sun and they are phenomenal. They activate in less than a minute and fade within 90 seconds of coming indoors. 

Contact 20/20 Sport and Sun for a consultation to see if these are right for you!

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