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Vision in Sports

As we put Indian Wells and Miami into the history books, I can’t help but notice that Roger Federer has been in both events either as the champion (Miami Open) or the runner up (Indian Wells Masters).

At the age of 37, Federer is still as sharp as ever.  Currently ranked number 4 in the world, Federer mixes great baseline forehands, a killer accurate backhand and lightning fast reflexes at the net to dispose of opponents.

I can only assume Roger has been gifted with a very good vision and visual system that is able to handle the split-second reaction times at the net and the anticipation needed to be effective against a range of worthy opponents.

Vision is such a huge part of any sport and the good news is that visual reaction times as well as anticipation are aspects of our visual system we can improve in order to succeed at tennis, baseball, soccer or any other sport for that matter. We can't all be Roger Federer on the court, but with the right vision training, we can be the best we can be!



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